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Volume 51 (1996), 7


(Original title: Descartes a argumentácia)
Filozofia, 51 (1996), 7, 427-438.

In its first part the paper focuses on those charactersitics of Descartes’ philosophy, which make Descartes’ work an apt subject of the study of argumentation. In the next two parts the conceptional and methodological means are defined, by the help of which the author approaches Descartes’ Meditations, folloeing A. Bouvier’s models. Attention is paid to… Read more

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(Original title: Kohlbergova teória vývoja morálnych úsudkov)
Filozofia, 51 (1996), 7, 439-447.

The theory of moral judgements or the theory od rational reconstruction of the ontogenesis of the thinking ofjustice developed by American psychologist Lawrence Kohlberg is one of the most topical and influential current theories in moral psychology. Its philosophical and metaethical principles as well as its pedagogical conclusions attract attention not only of… Read more

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(Original title: Leo Strauss: hľadanie modernej politickej filozofie)
Filozofia, 51 (1996), 7, 448-453.

The aim of this essay is to outline Leo Strauss’ conception of modern political philosophy by means of the reexamination of classical political philosophy in his essay „What is political philosophy?“.

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(Original title: Z Descartovej korešpondencie s Alžbetou Falckou)
Filozofia, 51 (1996), 7, 454-457.
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Reflections - Essays

(Original title: Filozofia na obratníku Raka)
Filozofia, 51 (1996), 7, 458-468.
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(Original title: Kam speje ohrozená kultúra ohrozujúca všetko na Zemi?)
Filozofia, 51 (1996), 7, 469-472.
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(Original title: Maurice Nédoncelle - kresťanské vyústenie dialogického personalizmu)
Filozofia, 51 (1996), 7, 473-484.
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(Original title: Homunkulus a kognitívne vedy (N. Chomsky))
Filozofia, 51 (1996), 7, 485-489.
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(Original title: Nad jednou otázkou (K. Jenkins))
Filozofia, 51 (1996), 7, 489-491.
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(Original title: Pozvanie k spoločnému hľadaniu (kol.: Filozofický slovník))
Filozofia, 51 (1996), 7, 491-493.
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(Original title: Pozvánka)
Filozofia, 51 (1996), 7, 494.
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