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Convergence of Phenomenology, Prague Structuralism and Art Creation. Genealogy of Phenomenology in Central European Context

(Original title: Konvergencie fenomenológie, pražského štrukturalizmu a umeleckej tvorby. Príspevok ku genealógii fenomenológie v stredoeurópskom priestore)
Filozofia, 75 (2020), 2, 109-120.
Type of work: Articles
Publication language: Slovak

In the framework of presenting a genealogy of phenomenological philosophy in the Central European context, the article will demonstrate a convergent relation between phenomenology and Prague structuralism and will examine specific topics which derive from this relation. In the first part we address the concepts of attitude, constitution and language, and, in the second, the “situation” of artistic creation as well as the reception of works of art. In this context we also introduce a relevant concrete example of the creative artistic process that sheds light on these topics. From this thematic configuration – in the third part – will follow the question of the scope of the phenomenological method as well as suggestions for the possible interdisciplinary development of phenomenology.


Avantgarde, Edmund Husserl, Genealogy of phenomenology, Phenomenological method, Prague structuralism

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