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The Correspondence of Irena Krońska with Jan Patočka as an Important Evidence of the Czech-Polish „Family“ Philosophical Life

(Original title: La correspondance entre Irena Krońska et Jan Patočka comme document principal de la vie philosophique « familiale » tchéco-polonaise)
Filozofia, 68 (2013), Supplementary Issue 2: L’Individu et la famille, 71-80.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: French

The article describes the little known and explored philosophical relationships between Polish and Czech philosophers during the Communist regime. Their main and rich expression was undoubtedly a long friendship between Polish philosopher and translator, Irena Krońska and the greatest Czech philosopher of the XXth century, Jan Patočka. The article examines the leading themes of their correspondence including the dialogue, the new subjectivity as an open soul, the Post-Europe as well as theological and aesthetic issues.


Dialogue, Irena Krońska, Jan Patočka, Post-Europe, Subjectivity, Tadeusz Kroński