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Otázky marxistickej filozofie, 20 (1965), 6, 582-596.
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The study is a follow-up to the author’s article published earlier in this journal (1964 No. 5) in which the application of a new basic rule of thinking in the solution of certain problems is being justified. It embodies two main sections. The first of these analyzes general difficulities in the use and formulation of another basic rule. As a definite thinking is always an inseparable quality of every human being, another thinking may arise only as a negation of the original one. This negation is of a twofold character. By a negation of the rule of identity (prohibition of contradiction), dialectic contradiction becomes another rule o.f thinking. The finding of a dual nature of negation is significant for the formulation of the rule of transformation of both the systems of thinking. The rule of transformation must enable a two-way logically correct transfer from one system into the other. Different rules dictate different set-ups and solutions of problems in the system. A universal and concrete criterion of correct thinking is in the basis of the unity of the system. The second part is an attempt to utilize the rules of contradiction in setting up and solving some of the problems of causality: By rule of contradiction is meant the cause as „causa sui“. The notions of causality, time and quality are presumed in the system of the rule of contradiction. Causal prediction is a prediction of concrete futurity. The postulate of a supernatural intelligence has no signification for the expression of determinism in the system of the rule of contradiction.
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