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Triadická koncepcia človeka - áno, alebo nie?

Filozofia, 55 (2000), 1, 21-26.
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The paper examines the justifiability of the triadic structure of humans. On the ontological level the unialistic basis is sufficient. Neither does the triadic principle correspond to the ontic level, where the basic duality between the original (old) natural man and a new pneumatic one is valid. In this contradictory unity the old man serves as a visible symbol of the unvisible new man, which is, however, questioned and veiled at the same time. The author sees a deeper menaning in this original biblical difference. He examines the main contemporary theories of the genesis of man and his structures (e. g. the theory of incamative genesis, the theory of stratiform structure of man as the given, the theory of the organogenetic origins of man, the evolutionary theory of the origins of man's stratiform structure). The author is a defender of the latter, giving it creationary-evolutionary and experiential-emergent interpretation.

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