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Anglo-americký personalizmus

Filozofia, 56 (2001), 8, 538-556.
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In his rieview-like outline the author gives us a view of an important stream of the American and English philosophical thought of the XXth century, which has been unjustly neglected. First he briefly describes the five generation waves of the American personalism - from G. H. Howinson, J. W. E. Bowen, P. A. Bertocii. M. L. King up to C. R. Robb. He sheds light on the specific aspect of the development of this stream in Great Britain. Further, he examines the mean sterams of the Anglo-American personalism, its idealiastic as well as its realistic branches. He presents all sterams of these two branches, emphasizing their respective characteristic features in the works of their important representatives. More than hundred representatives of personalism proof the manifold of the interpretations of the fundamental concept of the person.

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