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Ideál flexibility a paradoxy kultu mladosti

Filozofia, 61 (2006), 6, 441-452.
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„Flexibility“ becomes today the fundamental challenge of life. The period of immaturity and a young man/woman without any consistent system of values and fixed priorities become the demand of our times, something that is expected. Due to the influence of the ideal of flexibility the cult of juvenility causes a specific polarization among young people. On one pole there are ambitious individuals, which in their desires of success and high living standard see themselves as unrestraint by any traditional values or ethical canons. On the other pole there are those rootless young people boycotting the world of money and commercial show, who, veiled by a nihilistic film of mist, are wandering throughout the world. Very often they become victims of various forms of addiction. While the first group „are surfing on the waves of demand“, the latter „are surfing in the wind“. And what is in between? It is the author’s hope, that there are the most numerous groups, which aim at an authentic life conception and its fulfillment with things and relationships having a far deeper meaning then that of virtuous creations or balancing on popular „board made of laminate“.

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