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Status etiky ako humanitnej disciplíny v kontextoch technologickej civilizácie

Filozofia, 61 (2006), 7, 547-561.
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The paper deals with the status of ethics as a humanistic discipline within the contexts of contemporary technology civilization. The topicality of searching for the answer to the about mentioned question follows from the diversity of approaches to the substance as well as the character of humanistic point of view which is influenced by the so-called conflict of the two cultures, unfixing the justness of scientific status of humanistic cognition and understanding ethics as a separate scientific discipline. The author also points to the influence of technology on the specific character of creating the conception of universe and humankind, especially within the tendency of the one-sided approach towards universe and humankind, as well as overestimation of the pragmatic reality, effectiveness and pure calculus. The task of humanities in this context is determined by the need of completing „techné“ with the practical wisdom and understanding valuable coherences of the modern world. Nowadays, in confrontation with pluralism and the diversity of approaches towards understanding the substance of ethics, the author emphasizes that this trend does not mean the absolute subjectivism and negation of the right of ethics to exist as a theoretical discipline. The author also pays attention to the individual forms of this diversity and underlines the importance of ethics of values. She votes for under- standing of ethics as a „practical philosophy“, the main task of which is to stimulate individual thinking concerning human society and universe leading to responsible and willful actions.

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Ethics, Humanistic discipline, Scientific cognition, Values, Tech­nology civilisation

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