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Filozofia na pôde Vedeckej syntézy (K 70. výročiu založenia)

Filozofia, 62 (2007), 10, 853-869.
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The Association for Scientific Synthesis (1937 – 1940, 1945 – 1950) gathered a group of Slovak intellectuals, who tried to introduce modern scientific attitudes and structural methods into Slovak culture. In their systematic effort for a coordinated and convergent scientific research, for an exact scientific language and methods they were inspired by logical empiricism of Wiener Kreis, Czech Structuralism and Russian „formal“ school. Much of their attention was paid to such problems as the philosophy and methodology of science, concept of empirical knowledge, questions of logical syntax and semantics, scientific verification, problems of causality and rational induction as well as to the question of the development of personality. They presented the problems of art and literature from a structuralist point of view. When comparing the poetic language with the scientific language and its function they saw the former as a specific kind of sign. In the post-war period they confronted treir noetical attitudes with philosophical intuitivism and tried to bring together their scientific meta-theory and marxism.

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Logical positivism, Structuralism, Scientific synthesis, Interdisciplinarity

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