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Plotinova koncepcia Jedna a jej jazyk

Filozofia, 62 (2007), 2, 91-109.
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The subject of the paper, Plotinus’ theory of the One, is situated on the intersection of a systematic investigation and a text analysis and interpretation belonging to the area of the history of philosophy. The motif to work on this issue was the absence of a systematic analysis of the specificity of Plotinus’ philosophical theory and its unique mode of expression. The aim of the study is the presentation, analysis and critical evaluation of the forms of expression, fundamental statements and consequences of Plotinus’ concept of the One. The structure of the text resulted from discussing the general character of Plotinus’ language (the first part), the explanation of terms „One“ (1.1) and „hypostasis“ (1.2) to and presentation and criticism of its own statements and philosophical consequences of the theory of the One (the second part).

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Plotinus, One, Hypostasis, Intellect, Expression, Language

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