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Hľadanie (strateného) zmyslu podľa Alberta Camusa

Filozofia, 62 (2007), 4, 310-316.
Typ článku: Mladá filozofia

The paper aims to show, how, according to A. Camus, it is possible for humans to cope with the absence of meaning in their lives. It covers the transformations the concept of human destiny underwent in Camus’ works, beginning with his essay Myth of Sisyphus up to his work The Rebel. Given this context the paper focuses on the problem of the relationship between the absurd and the metaphysical revolt. The author argues, that according to Camus, it is the revolt that makes it possible to create new va- lues, even on the background of the absurd, and so, in spite of the meaninglessness of human destiny, to live a fulfilled life.

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Absurdity, (Metaphysical) Revolt, Value, Solidarity, Creativity, (Human) Standard

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