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Husserlova teória intersubjektivity ako alterológia. Nové teórie a tradičná múdrosť vo svetle genetickej fenomenológie

Filozofia, 62 (2007), 5, 403-412.
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In this paper, I have twofold aim: First I wish to show to what extent the Husserlian Theory of Intersubjectivity can be relevant for contemporary empirical research and for ancestral wisdom traditions, both in their experiences and in their conceptual tools; and secondly I intended to rely on some empirical results and experiential mystical/practical reports in order to bring about some more refined phenomenological descriptions first provided by Husserl. The first aim will be the main concern here, while the second will only be broached by way of initial steps towards further development.

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Intersubjectivity, Altering, Empathy, Genezis

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