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Miesto Antológie vo vývinových súvislostiach slovenskej filozofie

Filozofia, 63 (2008), 10, 863-873.
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The paper’s focus is on three main issues: (1) it examines the influences of the external, mainly political turbulences on the conception and publishing of ten volumes of Anthology of Philosophers' Works (Antológia z diel filozofov, 1966 –1977), paying attention especially to anomalies accompanying its accomplishment; (2) on wider philosophical background on which this project has been carried out, such as the formation of the generation of Slovak historians of philosophy, creating the Slovak philosophical terminology, Anthology as a propagator of philosophical pluralism, problems concerning translations etc.; (3) on inspiring and long-lasting effect of Anthology on the development of Slovak philosophy, on teaching philosophy at universities, but also on the Slovak culture in general.

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Antológia z diel filozofov, Problematic volumes, Enhancement of the study of the history of philosophy, Slovak philosophy getting professional, Philosophical terminology

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