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Can Humanity Survive the Anthropocene? It Depends On Who We Think We Are

Filozofia, 78 (2023), Supplement, 38 - 51.
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The question in the title is prompted by our failure to deal with the climate and environmental crises. This in turn derives in part from a dubious but widespread idea of who we are as human beings: that we are basically free and independent individuals in economic competition with others for all the satisfactions that late capitalism offers. In recent times the libertarian Titans of Big Tech have added a strong dose of Cartesian mind-body dualism to the formula. More beneficial ideas of who we are can be found in numerous indigenous tradition, and especially in Chinese philosophy, which understands human beings as relatives in a dynamic network of interactions with our fellow humans, the biosphere, and the powers of Heaven and Earth. Together with corresponding views in our own philosophical tradition, these ideas provide good grounds for a dialogue with China about cooperating to resolve our environmental predicament.
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Anthropocene, China, Climate, Individualism, Internet, Libertarian, Relational Ontology, Xi Jinping

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