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Filozofia, 31 (1976), 2, 133-143.
Typ článku: State - Problémy dialektiky
The cognitive-practical activity of people is the source both of the transformations of man’s existential environment and of the changes of himself. These modifications stem from their mutual operation mediated by practice. The old non-dialectical materialism while investigating concrete being still ignored these mutual transformations. All the historical progress, all the revolutionary practice are the coincidences of the conversion of the world and of self-conversion. The classics of Marxist philosophy pronounced their idea that we recognize the concrete modes of being. To recognize them is to apprehend the relationality and the contradictions of concrete reality, i. e. its mutual operations. While adequately investigating the objective reality it is necessary that the incorporation of the relation of mutual operation into the complex structure of relations and contradictions should be respected. Contrary to the ahistorical approach to the notion of structure, to the rejection of inner contradictions as a source of development and changes of the structure of objects it is necessary that the methodological principles of dialectical analysis of structure, which first of all Marx himself had substantiated, should be applied.
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