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Dialektika kultúrneho vývinu

Filozofia, 32 (1977), 6, 585-596.
Typ článku: State - Človek a jeho svet
All cultural advancement is a successive series of qualitative iniciatlves that are the resultants of antagonistic relations between man and the world. The prosperity of culture is markedly contributed also by the mutable relation of creative activity to the cultural achievements of the past ages. The conflicting situations in social events that emerge again and again in modified shapes make always man overcome the given social constructions. They are thus of principal importance and have a principal task at the developing of civilization process and at cultural advancement. Every eminent work is after all stimulated by the social-cultural reality, even if sometimes in a considerably mediated way, while it participates actively in the creation of this reality. It also creates the spiritual space, and sometimes of very distant historical epochs. Thus a work of culture is not only an expression of the age, but it is also its constitutive factor, it is a component of the cultural superstructure and, finally, of all social reality. Continuity in culture is thus a phenomenon dialectically changeable. It is necessary that the cultural traditions should be linked, creatively developed and, at the same time, surpassed.
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