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Tradicionalistická katolícka koncepcia národa a nacionalizmu na Slovensku v prvej polovici 20. storočia

Filozofia, 53 (1998), 3, 146-154.
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Making of the Slovak nation in the first half of the 20th century included a deeply differentiated stream of ideas. Philosophical thought, as well as the other forms of intellectual activities of that time, mirrored actual trends of the social, political and cultural developments. In its frame the problems were formulated as well as proposals for managing them practically. The author (she) focuses on one specific line of thought represented by conservative Catholic traditionalists - F. Jehlička, J. Tiso and Š. Polakovič. Catholic traditionalists stood firmly against all attempts to modernize the Slovak national community as they saw them as destructive to the very basis of the Slovak nation and its predestinated aims. The conceptions of the above mentioned authors are examined in the historical context of social, political and cultural conditions, and compared with some other streams of thought standing in contraposition to them.

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