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O filozofii náboženstva Edmunda Szelényiho

Filozofia, 58 (2003), 5, 338-346.
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Edmund Szelényi (1873 - 1931) was a Professor at the Evangelic Theological Academy in Pressburg. His focus was on the history of philosophy and pedagogy in Hungary, as well as on history of literature and philosophy of religion. The paper deals with Syelényiś philosophy of religion which developed under the influence of F. Schleiermacher, A. Ritschl and A. von Harnack and finally became closely related to the views of R. Eucken. This philosophy can be characterized as liberal theology, focusing especially on the epistemology of religion, the main issue being the problem of so called religious apriori. For Szelényi this issue is related to intuitive knowledge and to subjective, personal certainty, transforming the transcendent world.

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