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Recentivizmus J. Bańku ako „filozofovanie s duchom času“

Filozofia, 63 (2008), 2, 122-130.
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The paper aims at the examination of the roots, characteristics and intellectual ambitions of the recentivism, an original philosophical conception of the contemporary Polish philosopher Józef Bańka. The paper discusses both the ontological and epistemological versions of recentivism. Bańka claims, that human life has its meaning rather as an „immediately-now“, i.e. as an “immediately-present” than as a means, by the help of which something should be accomplished in future. The contribution focuses on the understanding of time and the timely triad of past, present and future, the first and the latter having the meaning of the horizons below and above the future.

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Time, Present, History, Person, Life, Culture, Civilization

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