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Mimo logiky reprezentácie. Problém nereprezentovateľného vo filozofii obrazu J. Rancièra

Filozofia, 63 (2008), 7, 582-591.
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The paper deals with the problem of representation on the background of J. Rancière’s political philosophy, in which he rejects the concept of the unrepresentable. The resolution of the problem follows from the confronting of two conceptions of the unrepresentable: that of the esthetics of the sublime in Kant and Lyotard and of the politics of prohibition in Foucault on one hand and Rancière’s understanding of sharing the perceptible on the other hand. This discussion leads the author to the problem of visuality conceived as a set of visual representations, which in a historically given period are legitimately visible. This definition of visuality returns the representation and the unrepresentable back into the political conception of image.

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Representation, Unrepresentable, Sharing of the perceptible, Epistémé, Visuality

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