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Remarks to Akai’s Work "Cosmographia seu philosophica mundi descriptia”

(Original title: Poznámky k dielu Krištofa Akaiho „Cosmografia seu philosophica mundi descriptia“)
Philosophica Slovaca, 1 (1946), 1, 182-202.
Type of work: Articles
Publication language: Slovak
As an introduction to Akai’s book we give an outline of development of antique philosophy and we show how the problems of natural philosophy, which is the very substance of Akai s work, were discussed in it’s separate epochs. Akai’s work is mainly based on scholastic philosophy — it is in fact a late flower of scholastic and therefore it was necessary to mention the importance of Aristotle’s philosophy for the medieval thinking and to give a cursory outline of the fate of his philosophy from the beginning of Roman philosophy to the beginning of the scholastic. Akais book is scholastic work, as can be seen both in it’s contents and in it’s method. It has a character of encyclopedia, which is a typical feature of uni versa! isti c medieval research. Aristotle with his universal! interests serves as a model. The most important feature of the author is an insufficient indepedence in resolvig separate problems; he contents himself by quoting precedent solutions and in justification of his assertions he appeals unoriticaly to autorities according to a traditional pattern. It was not possible in the bad social and cultural conditions, by Which Slovakia was oppressed in the times of Hungarian feudalism, to expect without the stimuli of millieu some worthy cultural reaping as a resonance of abundance and variety of new impulses. Akai’s work is a document for this assertion, because it remains — as in it’s contents as in method — in the sphere of scholastic philosophy.
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