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Problems of the Development of Marxistic Sociology

(Original title: K problémom rozvoja marxistickej sociológie)
Otázky marxistickej filozofie, 19 (1964), 3, 250-260.
Type of work: Papers and Discussions
Publication language: Slovak
Increased attention is being given to the development of sociology in Slovakia. A scientific conference was held on the development of sociology in November 1963. The sociologists endeavour to make up for what was omitted in the period of the personality, cult. They are concerned with the solution of organisational and methodological problems relevant to the development of sociology. In present time empirical sociology is focussed at the elaboration of methods and techniques of sociological research (the Department for Sociology of the Institute of Philosophy of the Slovak Academy of Sciences at Bratislava). Our socialistic society creates favourable objective conditions for the development of sociology. There is, however, a great number of unsolved theoretical problems. Empirical tendency has its place also in Marxistic sociology. Empirical sociology in Slovakia is charged with a great task in the research of social involvements presenting themselves owing to the socialistic industrialization of Slovakia. A network of sociological working stations is being organized in Slovakia the aim of which is to carry out sociological research work. Slovak sociologists collaborate closely particularly with sociologists in Poland.
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