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The Mission of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia in the Process of the Scientific-Technological Revolution

(Original title: Význam a poslanie komunistickej strany v procese vedeckotechnickej revolúcie)
Filozofia, 26 (1971), 2, 113-121.
Type of work: Papers and Discussions
Publication language: Slovak
Although the scientific-technological revolution is an objective process all over the world,, iir its whole extent and with all its requirements and consequences it can be realized only in a socialist and communist society. Its social-economic conditions open the broadest chances for a gradual realization of the objective requirements of the contemporary scientific-technological revolution; its immense results can be applied to the utmost for increasing the material and cultural welfare of the working people. The scientific-technological revolution ceases tobe an uncontrolled process, it is being planwise inserted in the dialectics and cnstruction of the whole social system. It becomes its organic part, a regular grade and form. It becomes arr. achievement and result of the conscious activity of the people, a concrete way of a practical change of life and work conditions that are being realized under a tenacious control of the Communist parties. The Communist Party of Czechoslovakia concentrates its activity upon creating the best possible conditions for the course of the scientific-technological revolution. It mobilizes the material and lobouring sources and consistently directs the creative efforts of the scientists,, engineers, workers and of all the working people at a bether and more complex utilization of the scientific-technological advance, naturally regarding the character and the level of production and the real possibilities of its development. The Communist Party takes full advantage of thesocialist order and intensively gains the masses of people, the chief bearers of the scientifictechnological revolution, for its process. The fact that the scientific-technological revolution becomes a matter of our whole society, that the aims for which its results are used are an expression of the interest of all people, represents unrestricted possibilities of development for the scientific-technological revolution.
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