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Culture and the Scientific-Technological Revolution

(Original title: Kultúra a vedeckotechnická revolúcia)
Filozofia, 27 (1972), 1, 22-31.
Type of work: Papers and Discussions
Publication language: Slovak
The scientific-technological revolution brings along certain changes in the sphere of culture that can be divided into three basic groups. They are changes: 1. in the character of culture, 2. in the function of culture and 3. in the mode of creation and of realization of cultural values. These changes result from the changes in the life of the social organism. There are, e. g. technical advantages of spreading the existing results of cultural process to broader circles of consumers and, which goes hand in hand with it, an improved access for broader masses of inhabitance to works of art, a quicker communication of information, new qualities and specificities of creation and reception of cultural values. In the process of the scientific-technological revolution the pressure of reproductive attendance is decreasing, but on the other hand an increased need to understand and adjust oneself to the new connection between man and his work weighs upon people, a need of grasping rationally the problems of the relation between the transformation of the surrounding world and the selfdevelopment of man, the dialectics of the relation of the creator and his achievement. The complex of the existing cultural phenomena is an important determinant of the human agent’s level in the scientific-technological revolution and — through him also of the whole process of the scientific-technological revolution — it can influence considerably the shapableness, the pace, the intensity etc. of this process in the sphere of science directly and immediately, in the sphere of art and literature indirectly and through mediation. Culture humanizes man's life environment, it is an important factor at the forming of human background of technological progress. The opening of scope for man’s creative activity during the scientific-technological revolution results also in the fact that in the mode of creation and of realization of cultural values new possibilities of changes are inevitably revealed in the increased individual activity in „consuming “cultural values and in the realization of richer forms of the individual’s participation in the conscious control and rational regulation of those processes of contemporary civilization that influence the development of culture. The intentional and conscious employment of these chances is an inseparable mark of the relation of culture and of the scientific-technological revolution in the socialist society. The aim and the sense of cultural integration in the framework of the scientific-technological revolution is to reach the stage in which: 1. the results of culture will not be in contradiction to the direction of technological development, 2. the stage of development, reached so far, will not hinder the application of individual activity at spreading and consuming cultural values, but it will even demand it, 3. the contribution of human individuality to the transformation of the word that cannot be substituted by anything and that appears in the form of scientific and artistic creative activity will acquire a concession in the life manifestation of man.
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