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Theoretical and Ideological Problems of the Developed Socialist Society

(Original title: Teoretické a ideologické problémy rozvinutej socialistickej spoločnosti)
Filozofia, 35 (1980), 2, 128-144.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak
The basis of the analysis [i. e. of the theoretical-methodological starting point) of the work Theoretical and Ideological Problems of the Developed Socialist Society consists in the Marxist (materialistic) dialectics. The first part of the work, The Starting Points and Approaches to the Problem, is devoted to this. In the further part of the study the author deals with the question of today’s situation in the sphere of Marxist thinking. He emphasizes that there is a sharp political and ideological struggle for the aims and the programme of the really existing socialism, as well as for the elementary principles of Marxism-Leninism. There are in the world complicated processes and phenomena taking place that are connected with the present stage of “adjustment“ of the capital to the pressure of the socialist and the developing world, with their reforms and concessions to capitalism in the economic, the social, the cultural and the ideological spheres. An important part of the study includes the problems of the economic-technological basis of the advanced socialist society. Also the analysis of the tension between the social being and the social awareness is very detailed. A special part is formed by the basic problems of the advanced socialist society. The author emphasizes that their solution demands complex approaches and analyses of social sciences. In the part The Socialist Man — the Socialist Collective the problem of man, concretely and historically “grounded“ in his whole complexity and antagonism of his existence, is being investigated. The study is concluded by the paper on Socialist Humanization of Man in the Present Stage of Development of Society and in the end the need of an increased theoretical effort for the confirmation of the ideological front is being emphasized. The whole complex of the complicated problems of the development of the advanced socialist society can be investigated by our Marxist-Leninist sciences only on condition that they should stand firmly on the ground of class- and party principle and of a full engagement for the policy of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia.
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