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James Woodward on Scientific Explanation and Causal Capacities

(Original title: James Woodward o vedeckom vysvetlení a kauzálnych kapacitách)
Filozofia, 55 (2000), 7, 521-533.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

The aim of the paper is to present James Woodwardś conception of the philosophy of science as it has been developed during last two decades in his essays. Compared with B. van Fraassen, N. Cartwright or W. C. Salmon the views of J. Woodward are not so popular. According to the author, however, they represent an important contribution to the contemporary philosophy of science. In the first two parts of the paper the differences between Woodwardś and Hempelś views of scientific explanation are shown. The third part shows Woodwardś approach to the problems of the causal analysis and to the philosophical problems of the so called "regression equations". In conclusion the author makes some critical commentaries and remarks on Woodward's views.

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