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A Non-Religious Interpretation of the World of Angels

(Original title: Nenáboženská interpretácia sveta anjelov)
Filozofia, 56 (2001), 8, 519-525.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

Resulting from the perspectivist view, acoording to which the remote apeearances are minified and the close ones magnified, is the author's view of the angels as various personified "-isms" (collective ideological movements), and of "-isms" as the subjectivized forms of angels. That means that the relation between an angel and an "-ism" is the same as the relation between a contracted form seen from a distance and a microscopic and pluralized form close to our eyes. Since "-isms" are usually connected with various ideologies, the angelology is understood by the author as a science concerning sets of ideas, i. e. ideologies and "-isms". Every "-ism" creates an ideological body, a cultural collective, which is the incarnation of the spirit of the given angel. Thus angels are ideological incarnations with their own ideological rationalities, feelings and wills, which they pursue by help of their adherents. The angels thus dwell in their adherents, which in turn are clothed in angel's ideological apparel.

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