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The Relationship between the Aesthetical and Religious Functions of Human Spirit in the Theology of Paul Tillich

(Original title: Vzťah medzi estetickou a religióznou funkciou ľudského ducha v teológii Paula Tillicha)
Filozofia, 61 (2006), 6, 464-472.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

In his phenomenal system of theological and philosophical thought Paul Tillich deals also with the question of the relationship between the aesthetic and religious aspects of human spirit, which receive concrete forms in art, particularly in arts. This relationship has an existential meaning. It means that we can talk about the theology of art, especially having in mind visual, graphic, musical and literal depictions, and last, but not least, architecture. Every work of art represents a substantial form of expressing the profound train of thoughts, feelings and visions of the artist. These have the same meaning and importance as the religious life of the people. They all are the reflections of the same concepts, i. e. there is a very close mutualrelationship between theology, religion and art, which always has to be taken into account when we are concerned with the fundamental aspects of being: with its meaning, purpose and goal.

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