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On Philosophical Writing. The Transformations of Philosophical Essays in the Hands of A. P. Martinich

(Original title: O filozofickom písaní. Filozofické eseje sa menia pod rukami A. P. Martinicha)
Filozofia, 62 (2007), 4, 329-335.
Type of work: Reflections
Publication language: Slovak

Many students are unable to write good philosophical essays. This has several reasons. Mainly they are not able to choose a good topic to deal with or they do not know the rules of grammar and syntax. The writing as a practical form of their study is somewhat like a horror, but their writings mirror their thinking. A. P. Martinich gives hope to students and professors. He argues that it is possible to learn and teach how to write standard philosophical essays. Important are exercises and good argumentation, in contrast to downloading papers from the internet.


Writing, Essay, Student papers, Thesis, Argumentation, Composing, Authorship

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