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A Small Study of Fanaticism (Inspired by a Large Study of Fanaticism by Marian Váross)

(Original title: Malá štúdia o fanatizme (na motívy veľkej štúdie Mariana Várossa o fanatizme))
Filozofia, 69 (2014), 2, 143-153.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

The aim of the first part of the paper is to make the reader acquainted with the se- lected parts of Váross’s large study of fanaticism (Le Fanatisme. Une analyse psychologique et axiologuiqe; Paris: Sorbonne 1947, 541 pp.). The second part deals with two contemporary most expanded kinds of fanaticism: political and ideological ones as two distinctive kinds of rationality. Attention is paid also to several parallels between political fanaticism and ideological fanaticism, as they are defined by M. Váross, and as conceived by H. Arendt.


Fanaticism and “pseudofanaticism”, H. Arendt, Marian Váross, Political and ideological fanaticisms, Rationality, Totalitarian regime and totalitarian ideology

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