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Plotinus’ Boys, Meno’s Slave Boy and Moral Dilemmas

(Original title: Plótinovi chlapci, Menónov otrok a etické dilemy)
Filozofia, 69 (2014), 6, 526-535.
Type of work: Reflections
Publication language: Slovak

The paper tries to answer the question why contemporary (Slovak) undergraduate students have difficulty with moral dilemmas. According to the author the reason is the lack of classical moral stories in their education. First he takes as an example the Plotinus’ One (En. 3,2,8) and shows how his moral story, trivial at first glance, is carefully structured and leads to a non-trivial inference. Then author turns to famous Plato’s “slave boy passage” from Meno dialogue (82b-86c) to point out how our understanding works. Finally the author tries to figure out how important the classical moral stories can be in developing our interpretation and decision making skills, and argues that student’s low ability of moral dilemmas understanding is a consequence of the absence of clever moral stories in previous education.


Knowledge, Moral dilemmas, Moral stories, Plato, Plotinus, True belief, Understanding

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