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Archeology as Symptomatology: Michel Foucault and the Depths of Language

(Original title: Archeologie jako symptomatologie: Michel Foucault a hlubiny řeči)
Filozofia, 71 (2016), 1, 25-37.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Czech

The aim of the present paper is to introduce Michel Foucault’s archaeology as a specific symptomatology. The thesis of symptomatology can be found in Nietzsche’s oeuvre where one can find a lot of papers analyzing the relation between Nietzsche’s genealogy and Foucault’s conception of genealogy. However, Nietzsche appears also in the Les Mots et les Choses. This led us to interpreting the role of Nietzsche in Foucault’s archeology and emphasizing the role of the language and the conception of symptom as a specific sign.


Archaeology, Depth, Epistémé, Foucault Michel, Genealogy, Nietzsche Friedrich, Surface, Symptomatology

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