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From the Individual to the Individuation, from the Family Togetherness to Opening Oneself to the Universal

(Original title: De l’individualisme à l’individuation : appartenance familiale et ouverture à l’universel)
Filozofia, 68 (2013), Supplementary Issue 2: L’Individu et la famille, 9-21.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: French

Philosophy was not really interested in the relationships between the individual and the family, which nourished literature. Indeed, the philosophers’ attention was attracted rather by society or State then the family, rather by individualism than individuation. First rehabilitated by Nietzsche, who reconsidered the condition of the individual, this idea assumed a new sense in C. G. Jung’s psychology. Whereas adolescence crisis marks the beginning of the individual’s emancipation from his family, the crisis of identity accompanying the process of individuation upsets deeply the individual – collectivity relationship. No doubt, autonomy begins to grow up, but also solidarity with regard to values recognized as universal.


Family, Identity, Individual, Individualism, Individuation, Kinship, Transmission