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On the Method of the History of Philosophy

(Original title: Nad metódou dejín filozofie)
Otázky marxistickej filozofie, 20 (1965), 4, 337-349.
Type of work: Papers and Discussions
Publication language: Slovak
This study is in its essence an essay on problems o£ philosophy and its history. The author considers them in the framework of Hegel's historico-philosophical and methodological views from his Introduction to Lectures on the History of Philosophy. The author’s intention is to demonstrate their instructiveness also with respect to the research into and evaluation of the development of Marxian philosophy in the post-Marxian period where the situation, the orientation towards problems, and even the comprehension itself of philosophy proved to be negatively influenced by extratheoretical and extrasystemic viewpoints and by the momentaneous needs of a political movement and personal power (personality cult). Further the author attempts to set up an outline of the conditions which philosophy has on the one hand to have, and on the other hand to fu LL is to be a scientific philosophy and if it is suggested to solve problems flowing from its relationship to the other sciences and to the life of man. In a further part of her study, the author is concerned with investigation into the relationship of philosophy to the history of philosophy, particularly with the problem of the methodology of the scientific history of philosophy. She illuminates some aspects of the dialectically-materialistic approach to and elaboration of the development of philosophy (philosophical systems), particularly the moment of continuity and contradiction. In dealing with this part of her study, the author makes use of her experiences and works concering the history of Slovak philosophy, and she demonstrates by examples how a collective group of Slovak philosophers has achieved already in the period of dogmatism and of the validity of the Zhdanovian definition of the history of philosophy — to apply dialectical and more differentiated criteria of this kind on the research into philosophy. The study simultaneously has a polemical character, being directed against persons who were dogmatically criticizing the work Chapters from the History of Slovak Philosophy (1957), denouncing it as revisionistic.
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