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On Some Relations Between Science — Technology — Production

(Original title: O niektorých vzťahoch medzi vedou — technikou — výrobou)
Filozofia, 28 (1973), 3, 246-255.
Type of work: Papers and Discussions
Publication language: Slovak
It is science that has the decisive share in the break of the traditional, originated in the industrialrevolution, structure of the forces of production, the science that changes into the main force of production and that introduces chemical, physical, nuclear and biological processes into production. Science attains new dimensions and social orientation. This appears most strikingly in the system science — technology — production. First of all science begins to lead production. This is to say that the previous relation between science, technology and production turns the other way round. The further ways of development of modern technology and production cannot develop on the basis of empirism and of experience of production, but they must be inevitably preceded by scientific knowledge and by development of science. This production and technology being overtaken by science is not valid absolutely. It cannot be omitted that production being overtaken by science is challenged by the technological demands of production. The task of science increases even at the creation of industrial intentions. The prognosis becomes an organic part of socialist planning, it enters the system of the pre-planned elaborations, it plays the role of one of the scientific bases of the nationaleconomy plan. Under the conditions of the scientific-technological revolution also the form of the connection science — production is changing. Science is no longer connected with production only by the narrow layer of intelligentsia, but first of all by means of its main agent — the immediate producers. By forming new relations between production, technology and science the socialist society creates a material-technological basis of its own and thus completes the victory over capitalism even in the sphere of forces of production.
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