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Leninist Principle of Inexhaustibility of Matter and Philosophical Problems of Contemporary Physics

(Original title: Leninský princíp nevyčerpateľnosti hmoty a filozofické problémy súčasnej fyziky)
Filozofia, 28 (1973), 3, 256-269.
Type of work: Papers and Discussions
Publication language: Slovak
Modern physics and other branches of science have been developing intensively. This development demands a deep philosophical analysis of respective theories. If on the one hand physics has reached remarkable results, elaborated the methods of solution and has been formulating new problems (various theories as e. g. theory of relativity, quantum physics, theory of elementary particles are the matter) that represent precious material for a philosophical analysis. On the other hand even philosophy itself must be a source from which physics and other brancnes of science have to draw impulses for their further advancement. Marxist dialectics is such a source of cognition. There occur serious shortcomings at searching for connection of physics and philosophy. These must be constantly overcome and solved by mutual influencing each other. In result of this it is necessary to join the philosophers’ and physicists efforts toward an elaboration of the philosophical problems of contemporary physics. The philosophical problems of contemporary physics are being approached by the physicist and by the philosopher from various positions that often intersect. Inexhaustibility of matter as an object of cognition can be considered as a philosophical principle that stems from the dialectical explanation of natural laws. From the ontological point of view these ideas remain geocentric because in spite of all the variety of concrete phenomena, of the quality and of the laws of matter all the general features of the attributes of material objects remain always the same as they are in our surrounding „geocentric world“. In the gnozeological aspect inexhaustibility of matter appears as the unlimitedness of the process of cognition. Inexhaustibility of matter is one of the basic methodological principles of physical sciences. Essentially, it is an attempt to apply this principle to the solution of the problem of complementarity in the sphere of quantum phenomena that is being investigated nowadays as the central philosophical problem of the physics of the microworld; and the problem of the infiniteness of space and time in the relativist cosmology that is a philosophical problem of the physics of the macroworld.
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