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Lorenz’s and Fromm’s Theory of Human Aggression

(Original title: Lorenzova a Frommova teória ľudskej agresivity)
Filozofia, 46 (1991), 6, 513-524.
Type of work: Articles
Publication language: Slovak

With Lorenz the human aggression within the species is biologically and instinctively determined. It originated through turning inter-species aggression towards the species itself. This aggression can not be suppressed, it can only be calmed down and drained away — by sport activities, by arts, science and humor. With Fromm, on the other hand, only the defensive part of the aggression within the species is instinctively determined and as such it is not generated in an endogenous, instinctive and rhytmical way — contrary to Lorenz, who argues that all human aggression is generated in that way. It Is the offensive aggression with its psychical-social reasons, which is destructive. Nevertheless, under favourable social conditions both kinds of aggression can be regulated so that neither would be manifested.

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