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Motive Forces of Environmental Political Philosophy

(Original title: Hybné síly environmentální politické filosofie)
Filozofia, 77 (2022), 4, 251 - 267.
Type of work: Original Articles
Publication language: Czech

The offensive of neoliberal theory and practice has clearly weakened since the structural crisis of Western capitalism. Neoliberal dogma has nothing to offer a precarized society, science, education, politics and above all a mundane civi-lization threatened by environmental risks. This will be the task of an environmental policy that uses the insights of political economy and political ecology. Political economy can take a step beyond mere criticism. Beyond critique lies utopianism: a concept of transformation that overcomes the logic of critique, protest, alternative (revolutionary prognostic) thinking and hope, and brings about the cultivation of new dimensions of humanity’s economic self-reproduction. Here begins the genesis of a higher form of political economy and political philosophy – environmental political philosophy. The present study develops the central method of environmental political philosophy: the method of political-economic utopianism independent of the classical subject of economics and concentrated on the basic assumptions of the economic theory of politics, i.e. on the initial ontological postulates, on epistemological postulates, on social-scientific knowledge with emphasis on research on political theories, and on natural scientific knowledge with emphasis on environmental issues (in the case of Anthropocene).


Environmental policy, Political economy, Political ecology, Environmental political philosophy, Political-economic utopianism

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