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Hierarchy in Society, and What About Nature?

(Original title: Hierarchy in Society, and What About Nature?)
Filozofia, 78 (2023), 7, 578 - 586.
Type of work: Critical Notices
Publication language: English
The paper examines the book Martin Buber’s Theopolitics and analyzes the conflict between the hierarchy in nature and in human society. Buber qualifies our relations to nature and to other non-living objects as darker than human relations. This creates an imbalance between the human You and the other type of You. This reflection allows us to think about the meaning of the principle of humanity in relation to personhood, and in relation to different forms of communities (natural, or inorganic communities). It is an important question in the light of “conflicts” and tensions created by the environmental crisis we are facing today. The paper explains how to use the word “conflict” in this context and whether it is justified.

Buber, Hierarchy, Conflict, Humanity

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