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Constellation in the Sky of the Philosophy of Tragedy: Schopenhauer, Wagner and Nietzsche

(Original title: Súhvezdie na oblohe filozofie tragédie: Schopenhauer, Wagner a Nietzsche)
Filozofia, 78 (2023), 8, 649 - 663.
Type of work: Original Articles
Publication language: Slovak
Through the texts of philosophers and philosophizing artists, musicians and writers, the study opens up the problem of the relationship between philosophy and art, science and philosophy, using atypical ways of inquiring about life, man and his times, not only through reason, but also through the heart. An important moment in the search for intersections and connections is the history – the topos of that which was – as captured in the works, correspondence and conversations of selected giants of European culture. The intention of the study is to highlight the fact that behind an artistic, philosophical or scientific work, which we may nowadays already consider as a classic, an unproblematic “thing at our disposal,” there is often hidden a life experience of a tragic existence. And even in turbulent times of crises, it is important to remember, as Ortega y Gasset reminds us, that to lose illusions is not to lose hope.

Human rights, Needs, Culture, Recognition, Interest theory, Human needs, Capability theory, Nussbaum

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