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Principles of Environmental Political Philosophy

(Original title: Principles of Environmental Political Philosophy)
Filozofia, 78 (2023), Supplement, 8 - 23.
Type of work: Original Articles
Publication language: English
Defining the problem: how political philosophy becomes environmental political philosophy. It is assumed that political philosophy is not represented by a purely conceptual analysis of basic political categories (justice, equality, freedom, etc.), but by everyday and habitual political decisions and the actions that follow them. The aim of transforming political philosophy is to articulate it as an instrument of change in the management of society. At the present time (Anthropocene) nature cannot exist as a technological program. A closed, clear, obvious and unambiguous ontological determination of nature is not admitted in its specifically capitalist construction. Context triumphs over nature, and it is only the context of the appreciative economy that puts the terms “nature” and “value” in context.

Political philosophy, Environmental philosophy, Neoliberalism, Global governance, Inequality, Reasonable society, Environmental order

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