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Filozofia dejín filozofie - základné modely 19.storočia

Filozofia, 54 (1999), 7, 442-456.
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The origins of the philosophy of the history of philosophy as an organic part of philosophy is to be searched for in the developmnets of the philosophical thinking in the 19th century Germany. Its founding father was G. W. F. Hegel with his famous lectures on the history of philosophy. Parallel to his conception there were several other attempts at a philosophical approach to the history of philosophy, especially in the writings of F. W. Schelling, K. Marx and F. Nietzsche. By the latter the reflection of the historiacal-philosophical knowledge can be seen as the basis of their philosophical conceptions. The utility of the philosophy of the history of philosophy becomes obvious also by the resolutions of the problems of the historicity of philosophy and of the philosophical nature of history. On these grounds we can see the philosophy of the history of philosophy as the philosophical approach to philosophy itself, aiming not at an empirical description of the historicalphilosophical process, but at its understanding and its explanation as an unseparable part of the resolution of the most important philosophical problems.

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