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Kant a osvietenstvo

Filozofia, 54 (1999), 7, 457-463.
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The paper examines Kant's understanding of the Enlightenment. It derives from Kant's ideas embodied in his writing A response to the question: What is Enlightenment? The latter was followed by other writings, in which Kant examnined what he called the ability to think independently as an important characteristic of Enlightenment. In this sense the author pays attention also to an important turn in Kant's thinking, by which he modified his original approch to revolution (before this turn he saw the revolution as a sign of history verifying his prediction of the historical progress of man).

Several remarkable interpretations of Kant's definition of Enlightenment in the writings of J. Mittlestrass, M. Foucault and K. Kosík are mentioned as well.

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