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Slovenská filozofická spoločnosť/Slovenské filozofické združenie a peripetie dotvárania profesionálnej podoby filozofie na Slovensku

Filozofia, 61 (2006), 10, 804-818.
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The paper depicts the complicated process of professionalizing the philosophy in Slovakia and the role an academic society (Slovak philosophical society) played in it. The establishment of this society reflected a rather high professional level of the philosophy in our country. During the normalization period (1970s and 1980s) this process was slowed down, but not entirely interrupted. Under the ideological pressure the society hardly could achieve the objectives set in favor of the development of philosophy and the professional unity of the philosophers. The true philosophical potential, which has been accumulating even in such unfavorable conditions, could freely manifest itself only after the social transformation in 1989. Today the philosophy in Slovakia is fully professionalized. It is also due to the activity of Slovak Philosophical Association, which replaced the previous philosophical society.

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Philosophy, Professionalizing, Professional organization, Scientific society, Ideologization

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