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Filozofia, 33 (1978), 3, 254-269.
Typ článku: State - Dialektika a teória poznania
The relation of formal logic and dialectical logic has always been a lively problem and thus a problem of the rationality of categories that form the principal unity of philosophy, sciences and correct practical decision. They are namely the categories of formation (Gestalt] structure, whole and system, in which the relation of the logical and the dialectical contradiction is put both overtly and in a hidden way. The problem can be solved by means of a radical concrete analysis of the object meaning of critical thinking. In this we start from the object as a formation limited by the external form and inevitably we pass to various notions of structures to the notion of the whole and the system. The whole procedure is one of the character of the object-logical algorithm. Formal logic in its object meaning is manifested as logic of the frame relations of being, while dialectical logic comprehends its inner, dialectically contradictory integrity without the deterioration of the logical principle of contradiction.
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