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Aplikačné možnosti synkriticizmu

Filozofia, 64 (2009), 3, 183-194.
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The paper summarizes the results achieved up to now in developing syncriticism as a philosophical-methodological approach and a way of life. The author focuses on the practical aspect of syncriticism, i.e. on atemporalistics, which represents the art of eliminating time from the individual’s life: replacing temporally achieving an objective by a timeless being in it. Included are also practical examples of training the ability to annihilate the vacuoles in our lives.

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Syncriticism, Perichronsophy, Perichronology, Atemporalistics, Syncritization, Application, Syncritical metanoia, Delayed interruption of non-doing wrong, Making the non-doing wrong immediate, The presyncriti- cally given as a whole, Atemporalistic difference, In-no-time-interval, Meditating aloud

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