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Aplikácia fenomenológie v antropologickom a etnografickom výskume: východiská a perspektívy

Filozofia, 77 (2022), 9, 711 - 722.
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Currently, one can encounter numerous contributions that apply phenomenology and its approach to experience in the fields of anthropological and ethnographic research. The convergence of phenomenology and anthropology has its own reasons. I will first trace the thematic areas of this collaboration and present specific projects, and secondly specify the questions and applied methods that phenomenology brings to the discourse of the specialized sciences. In a third step, I will build on the original relationship between phenomenology and anthropology that leads us to the work of H. Plessner; that is not only meant to be a historical look back, but also an updating of such themes that can be productively re-developed in the present. In particular, I will ask what might be the position of H. Plessner in the current context, since his works are absent in todayʼs authors.

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Phenomenology, Philosophical anthropology, Cultural anthropology, Ethnography, Appearance, Play, Role

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