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Heidegger’s Analysis of Modern Thought and Bio-Scientific Research

(Original title: Heideggerova analýza moderného myslenia a biovedecký výskum)
Filozofia, 70 (2015), 9, 703-714.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak

The article offers an analysis of Heidegger’s writings from the 1950s in which he, influenced by the historical condition of that time, explored the patterns of modern thought. First he shows the characteristic features of the latter, and then compares them with their possible more profound forms. These investigations, so the author, might strongly inspire contemporary bio-scientific researches. On one hand, Heidegger’s investigations motivate us to identify the presuppositions of bio-scientific researches since to understand our period’s developments means to understand the patterns of thought that determine them. On the other hand, bringing these investigations further can show us the ambivalence of the researches aiming at a synthetic production of the simplest life-forms. These researches enrich our knowledge as well as the possi- bilities of its application, but at the same time due to strong technologization life becomes reduced to its causal and functional aspects. From Heidegger’s considerations we can also learn how to overcome the limits of a narrow objectifying thinking.


Bio-scientific research, Dialectics, Metaphysics, Mindfullness (die Beginning), Representing thinking (das vorstellende Denken)

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