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Volume 48 (1993), 2


(Original title: Logika a všeobecnosť v Traktáte)
Filozofia, 48 (1993), 2, 65-74.
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(Original title: Vývin pojmov - prečo áno!)
Filozofia, 48 (1993), 2, 75-85.

In the article the author analyzes the development of the logical structure of the language. By comparison with natural languages he tries to show that the logical structure is not a primordial constitutive part of the language. The language has gained its logical structure during its historical development from its contacts with ideal objects (such as numbers,… Read more

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(Original title: Technika, človek a príroda)
Filozofia, 48 (1993), 2, 86-93.

Since the 70-ies the TA movement brought new approaches to technology - presenting social and economic analysis of alternatives of its development for political decision-making. A brief outline of ТА streams is offered. Negative effects of modem technology usually extend into the distant future and raise new kinds of responsibility problems, examined by "future… Read more

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Short Reflections

(Original title: O filozofii slobody)
Filozofia, 48 (1993), 2, 94-98.
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(Original title: Odvrátená strana titanizmu)
Filozofia, 48 (1993), 2, 99-102.
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(Original title: Poľská filozofia a dnešok. Rozhovor s prof. A. E. Szołtyskom)
Filozofia, 48 (1993), 2, 103-107.
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Elementa Philosophiae - Philosophy for Schools

(Original title: Filozofia. Jazyk etiky)
Filozofia, 48 (1993), 2, 108-118.
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Scientific Life

(Original title: Etici o spravedlnosti)
Filozofia, 48 (1993), 2, 119.
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(Original title: Príspevok k metodológii vied o kultúre (G. Oakes))
Filozofia, 48 (1993), 2, 120-122.
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(Original title: The Inexorable Semiosis of Being (T. A. Sebeok))
Filozofia, 48 (1993), 2, 122-123.
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(Original title: Prírodná filozofia a holizmus (F. Moser))
Filozofia, 48 (1993), 2, 124-125.
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(Original title: Zomrel Jiří Suchý)
Filozofia, 48 (1993), 2, 126.
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