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Forming of the World-Outlook of the Group “DAV“ and Their Way to Marx-Leninism

(Original title: Formovanie svetonázorových pozícií davistov a ich cesta k leninizmu)
Filozofia, 29 (1974), 6, 588-605.
Type of work: Papers and Discussions - The 50th Anniversary of DAV
Publication language: Slovak
The author puts special ideological emphasis on' the splitting of the association “Detvan“ and the origin of the new association “Free Association of Students from Slovakia“. These students belonging to this association were mainly socialists and they were the first to institute the group “DAV“. It was in 1924. The young inteligentsia who avowed themselves to be supporters of Marx-Leninist ideas together with political workers in communist party tried to apply new principles of thinking especially in theory and in practice, in literature and in art and also in forming new human relations and in new relations in economy. Communist movement was the active stimulation for these new principles wh;ch depended upon the understanding with the revolutionary movement of the proletariat. The group “Dav“ was in close contact with the proletariat and all members of „Dav“ remained faithful to the beliefs and principles of Marx-Leninism and they applied this doctrine to Czechoslovak conditions. All results appeared to be very constructive and weighty especially in the field of literary history, in philosophical and political activity and in spite of various endeavours in finding their own creative approaches these results did not deviate from the principles of MarxLeninism. This activity gives evidence for the fighting spirit of the group „Dav“ especially in their fight for purification of Marx-Leninism and in fight against various approaches in idealistic bourgeois philosophy (revisionism, oportunism). “Dav“ shows an uncompromising communist attitude towards all political and cultural events in Czechoslovakia after the Great War. The development of their success and achievements they tried to gain has become stable, significant and permanent.
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